What is the Future for Real Estate Agents?

Exceptional communication is, and will always be, the most important thing an agent can offer. Those that master the current and future tools to do this will succeed in this very competitive market.

Very few properties sell themselves. So effective real estate agents will continue to be sought after.

Agents offering high levels of service to clients and constant updates will continue to be the most successful, both for their clients and themselves.

real estate agents: a service industry


Communication still vital

The advent of online databases and D-I-Y sales tools will continue to proliferate, but because property sales is primarily about marketing & presentation it will largely remain in the hands of the professional estate agent to effectively market to attract buyers.

real estate sales: communication is the key


Social media matters

In the US, 84% of property agents use social media to speak to their markets, according to RealEstateAgentU.com. Facebook is the most used, followed by Twitter then LinkedIn.

An area that the most successful have latched onto and are exploiting is to regularly chat online to their clientele, and some have expanded their services beyond selling houses.

real estate sales: communication is the key

Accordingly social media has becoming a strong marketing tool when used effectively to push relevant information to buyers and sellers.


real estate apps: social technology

The immediate and broadcast nature of it also means that the lead time to communicate effectively with clients is significantly reduced.

It is always going to be a people business.

What has and will continue to change is the ability for agents to work remotely as mobile workforces operating under a bigger agency brand name, with more agents trading without bricks and mortar agencies using shop frontages and expensive lease.

real estate agencies: a mobile workforce

While property sales and rentals will remain the staple business, there is great potential for the expansion or redefinition of what it means to be a real estate professional, with property staging and renovations moving in-house, even assistance in finding a new home, booking removalists and establishing utility connections.


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