Professional Photography makes your home stand out

Professional photography can make all the difference when you are advertising your property. That first impression will often draw more interest from buyers than any other single factor.

Taking photos of your house is not as easy as you may think. Door frames get in the way, mirrors reflect you – and light, and some rooms are tricky to capture at their best.

We love to photograph our homes, places we’re proud of and we want to spend the time getting it just right.

taking beautiful photos of our home

Whether you’re snapping shots for social media, or to help advertise the property’s sale or lease, these tips will help you take good looking, usable photos, even with your humble smartphone.
1.   Get low – interior photos look better shot from below eye height
2.   Stay out of the mirror – turn off your flash
3.   Stand back as far as you can – shoot through a door way without showing the door frame
4.   Make sure the Horizon is straight
5.   Photograph less – show a small amount of the room in the frame rather than all.
6.   Right light – gloomy days will result in gloomy photo’s particularly for views or waterfronts


For more information on ways to improve the photography for your home read "How to Take Better Photographs of Your Home".

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