Good Property Staging is About Balance

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To correctly stage a home to sell for the highest price, the crucial element is balance. The presentation of your home tells a story and the placement of your furniture and accessories can make or break a room and potentially even a sale.

Placement matters

The position of the various items in the rooms, creates the look and feel of a room.

Even stylish or trendy furniture can look out of place if your room isn't planned properly, whereas good placement of even less attractive furniture can produce amazing results.

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Styling a room

Furniture and accessories should make the room flow, and should be in proportion to the space, to harmoniously integrate with each other.

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Five tips for better room design:

1. Read the room

Assess the physical elements like size, shape and architectural features to understand how best to arrange items within it to both be functional and look attractive.

2. Follow the flow

The way you move through a room is is the flow, and this is determined and directed by the placement of the furniture in it. Understand the dynamics of a rooms purpose and practical use and this leads to better layout of furniture in it.

3. Use of the space appropriately

The furniture should help a person use the space in the best way possible to fit the purpose of the room, and should not fell like it is in the way.

4. Keep it clear

Don't place large furniture near a door or walkway. It will block the natural path through the room. You should be able to easily walk through a room without tripping over or furniture.

5. The 80/20 rule matters

Focus the placement on the most-used items in a room ie. TV, lounge or coffee table. They should be placed in relation to each other to encourage natural interactions.

There are five shape categories.

Rectangle, long and narrow, square, L-shaped and angular.

Identify the shape of the room, and then apply the techniques that have been proven time and again to work best for that shape.

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