How to Take Better Photographs of your Home

With 90% of real estate being researched online the visuals of your home have never been more important. You owe it to yourself to consider using a professional to take photographs and/or video. The lasting memory of impressive visuals that result could make a big difference in the sale price.


But if you have a limited budget or were thinking of hiring a relative who is 'handy' with a camera for a few hundred dollars, you may wish to do it yourself. However taking good real estate photos is not easy, especially without adequate lighting equipment. Spending the time to attend a local community photography course can make you a much better photographer. However, these tips can dramatically improve the results to an acceptable quality.

12 pointers for getting home photography right

1. Use a tripod

A tripod is essential to give the stability to take clearer, sharper photographs. It enables the camera to capture more light and depth in the image.

2. Switch on all the house lights

Even during the day, having all the lights on in your home will instantly make it look warmer and more appealing.

3. Use lighting equipment

Dark corners don’t do your home any favours online, but simple lighting equipment will help you illuminate them. A flash will help, as will a reflector and even a light stand.

4. Room preparation

Sometimes called staging, preparing a room is a way of showing how best it can be used. See "Why Home Presentation is so important" and "Good Property Staging is about Balance" to learn more about this important area.

5. Take your exterior shots in the morning

Dawn is the ideal time of day to get the best photographs of the outside of a property: dawn light is better and there are fewer people around.

6. Watch how the light hits your house

At different times of the day, and at different times of year, the light will change how your house looks. Take some time to stand outside and see how it looks on different days.

7. Shoot interior photos from below eye height
Too high Just right
House photography: incorrect eye height House photography: correct eye height


8. Stay out of the mirror and turn off your flash
House photography: don't get caught in your own photo House photography: clean shot of room


9. Shoot through a door way without showing the door frame


10. Get the horizon straight

Use a bubble-level to ensure that your tripod is level.

A crooked horizon is off-putting Nice and straight
House photography: crooked horizons are off-putting House photography: keep your horizon nice and straight6


11. Photograph less – show a small amount of the room in the frame rather than all.
Instead of this Shoot this
House photography: too much room in photo House photography: close in photo of room


12. Process the image

Today processing is a term for how the image is put through photography software before it is ready to be used. This helps to soften, sharpen and generally tidy up any imperfections.


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